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Our products

Our products

SSE Airtricity is the largest natural gas supplier in Northern Ireland and has the financial, managerial and technical resources to assure our customers of the highest quality of service and cost effective gas procurement. We offer both short-term and long-term contracts which are essentially framework agreements with the customer purchasing the required volume of gas on the basis of their choice.

We offer:

  • Fixed Price contracts which can include a fully balanced price or fixed price strips of gas with the balance of gas purchased on a short-term basis
  • InterContinential Exchange (ICE) Front Month Index contracts
  • Day Ahead contracts
  • Combinations of the above.

If the gas contract is quoted on the UK National Balancing Point (NBP) SSE Airtricity will sell it, which includes:

  • Forward curve
  • Years
  • Seasons
  • Quarters
  • Months
  • ICE Front Month Index
  • Month Ahead
  • Balance of Month
  • Working Days for any period
  • Balance of Week
  • Day Ahead
  • Within Day

Smaller Purchase Volumes

Natural gas is normally traded in clips, or volumes, of 25,000 therms per day. However, most suppliers will normally offer customers the ability to purchase volumes of 5,000 therms per day with no added fee or penalty. Some suppliers do offer the ability to purchase lower volumes than 5,000 therms per day, however, this attracts a premium.

SSE Airtricity, through our unique contract with an upstream supplier, can offer the ability to purchase 1,000 therms per day with no added fee or penalty charge. This allows our customers the ability to achieve a more broadly based ‘portfolio effect’ by spreading gas purchases over a greater number of trades. Smaller volumes than 1,000 therms per day are available on request.

In addition to the above we also offer our customers:

  • Bespoke annual gas purchasing strategy specifically tailored to align a gas purchasing strategy with your business objectives. This formal strategy is reviewed on a continuous basis in light of market developments and in consultation with you;
  • Timely and accurate bills which identify all charges separately in a transparent and clear manner drawing on our existing billing experience for over 130,000 customers;
  • Weekly natural gas briefing document providing up-to-date market information and a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the wholesale market
  • Key Account Manager providing one point of contact for all enquiries;
  • Access to our database of historical wholesale market data prices and trend analysis;
  • We will prepare, on request, forecasts of your annual gas costs which you can use for forecasting and budgeting purposes;
  • Access to our views, and those of our advisors, on the wholesale gas market and gas purchasing advice;
  • If required, a daily wholesale market pricing update sent directly to your mobile telephone to ensure you have the latest market information at your fingertips;
  • Access to 130 years collective experience of our Key Account Managers. We do more than just supply natural gas. We regularly work in partnership with our customers on major construction and engineering projects and energy efficiency measures in order to reduce our customer’s energy costs.