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SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme

SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme

We value all our customers and are particularly aware of those with specific needs. The SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme is our commitment to provide you with a range of additional services appropriate to your individual circumstances.

The SSE Airtricity Scheme is designed for customers who are -

  • Of pensionable age; or
  • Disabled (including those who are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hearing impaired) or
  • Chronically sick.

If you qualify, we record details of your specific needs and try to meet your individual requirements. The register is entirely voluntary and completely confidential with the exception of information we share with the Natural Gas Network Operator in order to ensure you receive the service you require. As an SSE Airtricity customer we will remind you at least once a year as to the existence of the register and what you need to do if you wish to be included on it, so that if your circumstances change we have you covered. Once you are part of the SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme you can take advantage of the following services free of charge.

Password Scheme

Even though all SSE Airtricity Gas NI representatives carry a company Identity Card, the password scheme is designed to give vulnerable customers additional reassurance during home visits. If you are unable to read our staff Identity Card, we can arrange for staff, such as meter readers or engineers, to use a password which we have agreed with you in advance.

Special Control Taps or Adaptors

We have special control taps and adaptors for customers who have problems using their natural gas appliances. Simply let us know what difficulties you are having and we can advise you what special controls and adaptors are available. Where we are able to fit adaptors, these are usually free of charge.

Talking Bill Service, Enlarged Bills and Braille Bills

If you have difficulty reading our bills, literature, making a complaint or communicating with us over the phone, we can make life a little easier by communicating with you in the manner you prefer. We can communicate using enlarged print or in Braille format. We are happy to deal with any issue by email or by post. We can also arrange for a member of our Customer Service team to telephone you to talk you through anything you need.

Reading of your meter

We will endeavor to read credit meters quarterly and PrePaid meters twice a year. However, if you or anyone else in the household cannot read the meter, we can read it for you every quarter and notify you of the reading.

Nominee Scheme

If someone else looks after your finances, or you have difficulty reading your bills, with their agreement we can arrange to send your natural gas bills to your nominated person. You can also provide us with the name and telephone number of a relative or a close friend who we could contact if there are any problems.

Free Natural Gas Safety Check

We offer a free natural gas safety check on your appliances and installation if all occupants of the premise are of pensionable age or disabled or chronically sick or minors. If you qualify, please contact us or see our website to request an application form to register.

A free natural gas safety check will be carried out once a year upon request

The check is to confirm that the natural gas supply and natural gas appliances in your home are safe. If the check shows that any work is required to make the appliances safe, we recommend that any work on your natural gas appliances or pipework is undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If we find that an appliance or installation could be dangerous, we may authorise representatives on our behalf to shut off the natural gas supply. We will only do this where it is necessary and in the interests of safety and will always tell you what has been done and the reason.

This check is not a substitute for having your natural gas appliances serviced and maintained regularly. We recommend you have your natural gas appliances serviced regularly by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, in line with your manufacturer’s instructions.

Other Services

Minicom facilities

If you have hearing difficulties and have a minicom, you can contact us using the following numbers -
General Customer Enquiries - 028 9023 0121
Natural Gas Emergencies - 0800 731 4710

Moving your Natural Gas Meter

If you find it difficult to access your meter, we will do our best to move it to a more suitable position, usually free of charge. This is subject to a technical survey and in rented accommodation may also be subject to agreement by your landlord. Please note that any movements of the meter will be carried out by the Network Operator.

Special Advice

Our staff can help and advise customers on the efficient use of natural gas.

You can contact us on 0345 900 5253.

Disconnection of Credit Meters

Please note: SSE Airtricity will not, in any month from October to March cut off the supply of gas to a SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme Customer (where the customer is of pensionable age, disabled of chronically sick and lives alone or only with other persons who are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick or under the age of 18) who has not paid their bill.

In addition we will also take all reasonable steps to avoid cutting off the supply of gas during this period to a household where the occupants include a person who is of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and has not paid the charges.

We will take all reasonable steps to ascertain before exercising any right to cut off the supply of gas to Domestic Premises whether the Domestic Premises falls within the scope of the above requirements.

Further Information

It is easy to apply to register on the SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme. Simply give us a call on 0345 900 5253 to request a copy of the SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme information booklet or Code of Practice on the Provision of Services for persons who are of Pensionable Age, Disabled or Chronically Sick. Alternatively you can download the application form on the link below.

To be considered for the scheme, simply fill out the application form accompanying the information booklet and return it to us at the address listed below. Remember that the scheme is completely voluntary and confidential. Once we receive your details we will confirm your registration as a SSE Airtricity Energy Care Customer.

Download an application form here >

Calls to 0345 numbers cost no more than local and UK landlines & are often included in free minutes. Calls may be recorded.